There’s a reason most businesses set aside a marketing budget every year as it’s highly beneficial for a business to gain exposure and grow its brand name. A great way to do this is by branding well loved products that customers will want to get their hands on.

Certain promotional products work better than others, it’s important to choose products that are desirable and ones your customers will find useful, or even ones that are relevant to your business, for example bags at retail shops or piggy banks for financial businesses.

The UK’s best-selling promotional products are tried and tested favourites like pens, mugs, bags, clothing and confectionery, these can be purchased at a low value and work fantastically as a promotional freebie.

Promotional stationery products

A great choice is our Curva Ballpen, available in a variety of colours, and can be bought from as little as 26p. Pop these on your front desk and watch them disappear as a passer-by empties the pot and you’ll soon find your branded pens scattered through homes and offices, and along with it your logo.

Another firm favourite must be sticky pad notes, you can find sticky notes dotted over offices all over the UK with reminders and to do lists, these pocket wonders are miracle workers. Your return on investment with these are brilliant as these get your brand circulating and in front of customers eyes all the while serving a purpose.


Branded mobile device products

There’s a huge buzz around all thing’s tech, and this has created a branding opportunity for companies to invest in.

Powerbanks are a product that if we don’t own, we desire. There’s not much worse than being out and about with a flat mobile phone battery. Devastation. But your companies branded product can swoop in and save the day and have customers forever in your debt. With full colour branding available, these are a must have and are a prime resale product. We can supply this particular one from £6.36.

Sought after eco-friendly products

There has been a massive surge in the number of people looking to buy eco friendly merchandise as we have become more educated and aware of our impact on the environment. You can find a huge variety of eco friendly and sustainable products on our website, all of which can be branded, printed or engraved with your sales message.

We have recently seen an increased number of orders for eco products such as balloons, made of natural rubber latex, which means that they are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

For something with a bit more longevity what about getting your brand noticed with this recycled cardboard covered notepad with a 100 pages worth of scribbling for your customers.  All with a ribbon page marker, an elastic closure and your brand emblazoned on it and all from £1.44.


For companies looking to improve exposure of their brand, it’s important to find the ideal product for you, sticking to tried and tested products will help you build your brand with more positive results. Get in touch with Shirley at for a free no obligation quote.