Have you seen the Christmas marketing material sneaking in to restaurants already? Well before we start thinking about December, it’s definitely time to figure out this year’s Halloween promotional product must-haves. One thing that the holiday brings us, along with candy and costumes, is a prime opportunity to promote your business with a trick or treat for your customers.

Halloween themed stress balls

Get into the Halloween spirit with these stress monsters, a fun and quirky way to bring your brand to life. Stress relievers are great for any marketing campaign for any company. These are also available in pumpkins, tombs and eyeballs – a fun one for opticians. At the moment “squishies” are a huge toy trend with children; essentially the squishie is a fun shaped stress ball and you see these in shops everywhere you go – most school aged children are on a mission to collect as many as possible. So, if you are trying to attract parents and families to your business, follow that trend! 

Spooky promotional sticky bugs

Logo bugs are one of the cheapest, yet most amusing marketing accessories, available for as little as 30p per item and suited to smaller budgets. We stock an extensive range of animal logo bugs on a printed ribbon with your marketing message. An ideal give away for a nature Halloween campaigns. We just love these witch bugs, and we can offer a range of creepy crawlies too.

Halloween treats – branded sweets

Remember, it’s not Halloween without treats and sweets, so put your customers in the festive spirit with some custom printed confectionery. These elegant pouches are filled with orange and black jelly beans and have a fully branded tag for your logo or sales message. Take the guilt out of sweets by using for resale to raise money for your charity or organisation, or just offering a small thank you to your visitors.

Light up your brand and put safety first

An excellent safety item for young children to carry while out trick or treating are these glow sticks. Unlike the old snap and shakes, these are battery powered, so will be used time and time again and have a twist on and off switch and will last through bonfire night too – an excellent way to promote your business by giving these out as freebies as the crowds of people pass through the town to the firework displays. These come in at £1.35 per unit and not only help children be seen but are also a great accessory for young witches and wizards.

Branded loot bags

Have you thought about handing out branded loot bags? Maybe you should! Throw in their first lolly pop for good measure to earn loyal life long customers. Brightly coloured tote bags will do the trick-or-treat to carry all their goodies, and only cost pennies to personalise. We even have an eco-range for the planet conscious companies.

Our swirly pop is branded with a full colour digital label on the lolly, card and then flow wrapped. Don’t miss this valuable but sweet branding window.

Expanding your brand without advertising can be difficult and free advertising is a rewarding method of getting your brand seen. Kids may not be your companies target audience, but by giving away knick-knacks to trick or treaters, it’s a sure way to circulate your logo over and over and get exposure for your business.

With over 60,000 products in our stock, we can brand almost anything in your imagination. Don’t be afraid to bring out your creative side when it comes to promoting your brand and enjoy your spooky giveaways.